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Wondering how to get some of our fantastic veggies and fruits?

Online Ordering

Pre-order what’s in season from our list of what’s available.  Fill out the order form and pay via e-transfer.  Easy, convenient and safe.  


Farmers’ Markets

Find us weekly at the Farmers’ markets in  Vernon & Armstrong. Spring til Fall. 


CSA (box program)

Our weekly harvest box program is about eating the freshest organic fruits & veggies.  All. Season. Long.   


During the berry season, come on out for a delightful U-Pick experience! Strawberries, saskatoons, raspberries, blackcurrants and more!

Customer Friends

Other fantastic folks are using our fresh veggies and fruits to create something awesome! See who’s doing what with Pilgrims’ Produce.



It’s time for our 3rd Annual PLANT SALE!

Our potted plants have been a big hit the past few years!  Pre-order plants for your garden and we’ll get them off to a good start.  Plants will be ready for the first two weeks of May.

By Spring we will be loading up the store with fresh salad greens, rhubarb, radishes and more!

CSA shares are also available NOW!   For more info on our weekly harvest box program, check this out!

Online Order Form

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  • Veggies for Sale:

    Bulk items listed at the bottom!
  • Price: $ 32.00 CAD
    4 pound bag
  • Price: $ 16.00 CAD
    2 pound bag
  • Price: $ 5.00 CAD
  • Price: $ 3.00 CAD
    Bunch of small gourmet red onions
  • Price: $ 5.00 CAD
  • Price: $ 10.00 CAD
    5 pounds
  • Price: $ 5.00 CAD
  • Price: $ 10.00 CAD
    5 pounds
  • Price: $ 6.00 CAD
    2 lb Something like a cross between celery and potatoes. Great for soups and roasting.
  • Price: $ 6.00 CAD
    2 lb bag. Storage radish, bright pink inside. Crisp and delicious with a mild bite to it (but not spicy)
  • Price: $ 6.00 CAD
    2 pound bag
  • Price: $ 5.00 CAD
    2 pound bag
  • Price: $ 10.00 CAD
    5 pound bag
  • Price: $ 3.00 CAD
    A pasta replacement. Stringy, sweet, delicious!
  • Price: $ 2.00 CAD
    Super sweet, something like sweet potatoes in flavour! Eat the skin and all! Great for stuffing, roasting and baking.
  • Price: $ 5.00 CAD
    The classic butternut, just mini in size. So sweet, smooth, amazing for baking, soups and more.
  • Price: $ 6.00 CAD
    Sweet, rich, nutty flavour, deep orange flesh. Great for baking, soups, roasted. Super long storage squash!
  • BULK Buying

    Stash away fall crops like a squirrel this Autumn!
  • Price: $ 42.00 CAD
    Medium sized RED beets, topped.... 25 pounds
  • Price: $ 36.00 CAD
    Large sized RED beets, topped.... 25 pounds
  • Price: $ 45.00 CAD
    Medium sized golden beets, topped.... 25 pounds
  • Price: $ 39.00 CAD
    Large sized Golden beets, topped.... 25 pounds
  • Price: $ 25.00 CAD
    25 pounds -seconds quality carrots (broken)
  • $ 0.00 CAD
  • Please check your order and click 'Place Order' below. Please promptly send an e-transfer to [email protected] for the amount owing. There should be a copy of your order in your email's inbox/junk mail. Unless you hear otherwise, your order will be ready on the date and time specified. Thanks.
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Online Ordering… Strawberry Flats

We are no longer taking flat orders for this season.  You might luck out at the Farmer’s Markets!


Bulk Buying Club… Online Ordering

The Bulk Buying Club is for folks using our produce on a larger scale. Email us if you’re interested and we’ll give you the password to this online ordering form. You’ll be able to see what produce is in season, bulk options, and discount prices. If you are a chef, caterer, co-op buyer etc. or even organizing a large family BBQ or wedding event, please contact us! Email: [email protected]

Farmers’ Markets

BC Farmers' Market Nutrition Coupons - Pilgrims Participates!

Find Our Certified Organic Produce at:

Vernon Farmers’ Market

Kal Tire Place Parking Lot
3445 43rd Ave Vernon, BC, V1T 6M3

April – October


8am – 1pm

Vernon Farmer's Market

3445 43rd Ave Vernon, BC, V1T 6M3

Mondays & Thursdays
8am – 1pm

Get Directions

Armstrong Farmers’ Market

IPE Fair Grounds,

3371 Pleasant Valley Rd, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0

April – October

8am – 12:30pm

Armstrong Farmer's Market

3010 Wood Ave.  Armstrong, BC, V0E 1B0

8am – noon

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Our very own weekly CSA harvest box program!   We are launching a new season of CSA subscriptions on Feb 21, 2023!

Sign up for our e-newlstter to be in the know about our weekly subscription box.

Eat the freshest organic fruits & veggies. 

All. Season. Long.

See why you’ll want to join our CSA.





Just minutes from Vernon and Armstrong. Harvest amazing, ORGANIC fruit at their peak.   

Enjoy the peaceful beauty of the farm. Get in touch with where your food comes from with a unique farm experience.     

Strawberries, saskatoons, and blackcurrants in abundance!  Sweet and sour cherries, raspberries, mulberries, pin cherries, and chokecherries are available in smaller amounts.     

Picking Details

We’ll update this once we get closer to harvesting time!  Stay tuned around May for the first updates!

What to expect: Please park in the lawn along the driveway.  Follow signs to the picking shed and sign in.  We’ll provide pails for you to pick in.  Please bring your own containers to bring berries home in.  Belts are handy for picking saskatoons, currants and raspberries.  Bring cash for payment, please. We have a wheelchair accessible outhouse with running water.   Bring drinking water and a sun hat 🙂

-Please leave your pets at home or in your car.

-If you are bringing children along please ensure that they stay near you and are not running through the patch. Thanks.

Hey, while you’re at the farm, why not load up with fresh veggie too!  Place your order online and we’ll have it ready for you to take home with your U-pick goodies (Must be ordered a minimum of one day before U-Pick)

*For up to date info please check back here often.  You can also follow us on instagram or facebook.  Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive farm news right to your inbox.

Strawberry U-Pick Registration

  • We prefer to get in touch over email. Just in case we need to be in touch last minute please provide a phone number we can reach you.
  • U-Pick

    U-Pick will run on Thursday and Saturday mornings beginning at 8am for registered guests. We will open up U-Pick to the general public at 10am. Please plan to come on the date you selected, we will NOT contact you unless we need to make other arrangements. Please let us know ASAP if you are unable to make your appointment.
  • Price: $ 20.00 CAD
    Strawberry pails are approximately 5 pounds when full. Please give us your best estimate as to how many pails you'd like to pick. At $4lb each pail is approx $20. We will charge $3.75/lb if you pick over 20 pounds (4 pails). We will weigh your berries and charge per pound, not per pail, but this will give you a good idea as to how much it will cost) * We make no guarantees that you will get the amount of berries that you would like, but we'll do our best!! 🙂 *Please bring cash to pay for your berries. Thanks!
    For now we've only got this date available for pre-registration. Mark it on your calendar! We will be in touch ONLY if we need to make other arrangements. *Please use the NOTES section below if you need to tell us any more details. We may add in more dates as we see how the berry patch is doing later in July.
  • Leave comments or questions here.

Customer Friends

Some fantastic local producers and businesses we love to collaborate with!