CSA (Harvest Box Program)

Eat the freshest, organic, fruits and veggies. All. Season. Long.

CSA stands for

Community Supported Agriculture

It’s an opportunity for YOU to have a share in the amazing food that we, your local farmers, are growing.  

CSA is a program that connects the eaters (CSA members) directly to a farmer in the same locale. Generally, the members pay upfront for their full season share.  The farmer then provides the freshest and best quality produce directly to the members. There is a real relationship that both parties share, one which has been lost in our modern agriculture system, the relationship from our field to your home.


What’s in the weekly box?

  • The freshest,organic veg & fruits, fine herbs & nuts, in season.  
  • We grow a HUGE selection of produce.
  • Everything’s grown on our family-run farm at Pilgrims’ Produce near Armstrong (aka:local)
  • + Weekly newsletters with photos, inspiring recipes, farm news + more.
  • Great value, member perks, convenience.

Sample Boxes:

Basic Box in August

Plums, small gourmet salad mix, assorted tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, salad turnips.

Family Box in August

(+ means more than basic box)

Plums+, gourmet salad mix+, assorted tomatoes+, peppers+, watermelon+, salad turnips, cucumber, cilantro

Basic Box in September

Carrots, Spaghetti Squash, Melon, Onion, Radish, Parsley, Cherry Tomatoes.

Family Box in September

(+ means more than basic box)

Carrots+, Spaghetti Squash+, Melon+, Onion+, Radish, Parsley, Cherry Tomatoes+, Zucchini

How much does it cost?

Box Options  



(Delivery Fees Included)


(Farm pickup)

Perfect for small families, couples, or single eaters who like plenty of veggies


(21 weeks)


(21 weeks)

A must for serious veggie eaters
or larger families


(21 weeks)


(21 weeks)

10 basic-sized boxes throughout the season, perfect for the out-of-town-worker, vacationer
or small veggie eater
*limited space available. Flex-Ten is now FULL for the season.






*Having the money upfront really helps us, the farmers, with all the pre-season expenses such as seeds, machinery, employees, etc. Your commitment for the season helps us be more efficient with growing.

*You can pay in full, or in three instalments ($10 fee) May 1, June 15 & August 1.

*Payment options include: Email transfer (preferred), Cheque, or Cash (bring to farm).

What’s new for 2019?

FLEX-ten: (new!!)

Operates like a punch pass.  Pre-pay for 10 boxes (basic size), choose your location and join in on the weeks that suit you.   Flexible and convenient, without all the commitment.  Flex-Ten is now FULL for this season. 

Business drop-spot!

We’ll deliver right to your workplace in Vernon.  Deliveries every Friday afternoon May 24 to Oct 11.

Just 5 full season members required.

Request to have your business on our drop-spot list! Email us: [email protected]

Loyalty Cards

We appreciate your loyalty! Returning customers will be rewarded with a small credit towards extra produce throughout the season.  We will have Loyalty Cards available mid-summer for this token thank-you for choosing Pilgrims’ Produce!


First box: Tuesday, May 21st (or Friday, May 24th for drop-spots)

Last box: Tuesday, October 8th (or Friday, October 11th for drop-spots)

8 Awesome Reasons to Join Our CSA!

  1. Get to know your farmers, ask questions and get connected with your food.
  2. Commit to eating healthy, locally, organically, seasonally. You will feel better!
  3. Trust us; we’ve been running a CSA program for over 20 years. It’s tried and true!
  4. Read our weekly newsletter to keep in the loop on farm happenings, what’s in the box, great recipes and pictures.
  5. Treat your tastebuds! The produce is flavour packed and nutrient dense; everything is harvested fresh!
  6. Enrich the community and local economy by supporting local farmers.
  7. Reduce your food miles and contribute to regional food security.
  8. Visit the farm and see where your food grows! We offer farm tours and host events throughout the season exclusive to our CSA members.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens if I will be away?

We understand… you may be going on a vacation or work out of town. No problem. Please arrange for someone else to come fetch your CSA box.  It is your responsibility to make sure they are “trained” so please make sure to tell them the time and location for the pick-up, and remind them to bring a bag!  It is wise to let us know in advance that someone else will be coming.

What if I forget my box?

Please notify us ASAP.  Please email Kat and arrange another time when you can get the box (for example, you could meet us at our Farmers’ Market booth or come out to the farm).  We must be notified if you would like us to save it for you.

If no one comes for the box within a few days, we will donate it to the food bank.

What if I don’t like something in my box?

Did your mother ever make you eat all your veggies?!  Good. Part of the fun of a CSA is to learn to be more adventurous with eating, trying new items or learning new ways to prepare your less-favourite items.  We provide great recipe ideas each week, highlighting the less-well-known items.

Our Vernon VAC parking lot members have the opportunity to trade an item in our swap box.  Due to the logistics we won’t have the swap box available for the other locations.

Do I get to choose what’s in my box?

No. We decide.  We grow a huge selection of produce and no two weeks will be the same.  Each week’s items are carefully chosen based on what is in season and when we last gave it to you. There may occasionally be repeated items from the previous week (gotta eat strawberries while the season lasts).  Have a look at some of our sample box photos to get an idea of what goes in the boxes. We aim to give you a salad option each week, as well as “snacky” lunch items to feed your family.

You will see some staple items appearing more often, such as carrots, tomatoes or potatoes, while the more unusual items will be less often.  Herbs and nuts are a fun addition to some week’s boxes, but not a major component. We welcome your feedback on what you’d love to see more of, and less of, too.

What if I want more veggies or fruits?

Great!  We offer Add-Ons.  Our weekly newsletter includes a section called “Add-Ons” where we list extra items we have for sale that week.  This is a great way to get more of your favourites while they last or to get extras for canning, dehydrating and freezing.   Order your add-ons by emailing us no later than 5 a.m. on the day you collect your box.

Here’s what our members are saying about our CSA…

Our first CSA experience and we loved it! Looked forward to Tuesday nights every week!  Definitely appreciated the Sunday heads up of the week’s veggies.

Best veggies in Vernon!  Tuesday afternoons are my weekly highlight!

We just want to thank you so much for all the exceptional vegetables we received this summer.  We looked forward to each week’s surprises and loved everything!   Also enjoyed your weekly newsletter. See you next spring!

Thank you for all the nourishing produce!  You truly blessed my family!

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CSA 2019

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