CSA (Harvest Box Program)

Eat the freshest organic fruits and veggies. All. Season. Long.

CSA stands for

Community Supported Agriculture

It’s an opportunity for YOU to have a share in the amazing food that we, your local farmers, are growing.  

CSA is a program that connects the eaters (CSA members) directly to a farmer in the same locale. Generally, the members pay upfront for their full season share.  The farmer then provides the freshest and best quality produce directly to the members. There is a real relationship that both parties share, one which has been lost in our modern agriculture system, the relationship from our field to your home.


We offer extras for sale each week so you can have more of what you love.  This year we are excited to working with Local Line for a streamlined ordering system!  If you are a CSA member, you can order add-ons here.

What’s in the weekly box?

  • The freshest, organic veg & fruits, fine herbs & nuts, in season.  
  • We grow a HUGE selection of produce.
  • Everything’s grown on our family-run farm at Pilgrims’ Produce near Armstrong (aka:local)
  • + Weekly newsletters with photos, inspiring recipes, farm news + more.
  • Great value, member perks, convenience.

Sample Boxes:

Basic Box in June

Sugar snap peas, baby potatoes, gourmet salad mix, pint of strawberries, green onions, dill

Family Box in June

(+ means more than basic box)

Sugar snap peas+, baby potatoes, gourmet salad mix+, pint of strawberries+, green onions, dill

Basic Box in August

Plums, small gourmet salad mix, assorted tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, salad turnips.

Family Box in August

(+ means more than basic box)

Plums+, gourmet salad mix+, assorted tomatoes+, peppers+, watermelon+, salad turnips, cucumber, cilantro

Basic Box in September

Carrots, Spaghetti Squash, Melon, Onion, Radish, Parsley, Cherry Tomatoes.

Family Box in September

(+ means more than basic box)

Carrots+, Spaghetti Squash+, Melon+, Onion+, Radish, Parsley, Cherry Tomatoes+, Zucchini

How does CSA work? 

-Choose your location: The farm (Armstrong) OR  in Vernon at the Vernon Alliance Church parking lot. 

-Select your season(s):

1. SPRING shares May 2/5 – May 30/June 2.  (5 weekly boxes, basic sized) and brimming with fresh salad greens, radishes, asparagus, rhubarb and more.  There may also be a few items included from last falls stored crops.  

2. SUMMER shares June 6/10 – Oct. 10/13. (19 weeks, 3 size options)  Enjoy the abundance of summer fruits and veggies with a large variety of veggies and fruits all grown on our farm!   Think peppers, cherries, salad greens, tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, corn… just to name a few!   

*BOX size options include: BASIC (perfect for small families, couples, or single eaters who like plenty of veggies), FAMILY (a must for serious veggie eaters or larger families) and FLEX-10 (a punch pass for 10 basic-sized boxes throughout the season. Perfect for the out-of-town-worker, vacationer or light veggie eater and you get to choose which weeks you’d like to join in!)

3. FALL shares Oct. 17/20 – Nov 28/Dec 1. (4 Bi-weekly extra-large boxes).  You’ll be eating up the hearty storage crops, such as parsnips, carrots, squash, potatoes, onions, greenhouse salad greens, nuts and more!  Eating all season long is easy with Pilgrims’ Produce!    ** If you sign up for all 3 seasons right off the bat your name will be entered into a draw for a sweet gift!

Choose the day that best suits you: Tuesdays or Fridays.

Pay up!  Part of why the CSA works so well is that the farmer receives payment from the members early in the season to help cover early season costs and to ensure commitment.   Payment program available.

Enjoy! Once the season is underway we will be harvesting and packing your boxes with fresh and in season veggies and fruits on a weekly basis.  Time to enjoy!  You’ll receive a weekly newsletter telling you what will be in the box, receive farm updates, see fresh pictures and we’ll share recipes too!



How much does it cost?

*NOTE: This chart is difficult to view on a cell phone. Please use a computer to see the price list.

*A note about the cost 

This year we decided to increase the value of the weekly boxes so you will get more veggies, regularly.  We ALSO added in an extra margin to the summer boxes so that we can add in MORE FRUIT without it taking up so much of the boxes value.  This means MORE strawberries etc. while still getting a full box of veggies!  On average the basic boxes will work out to $28/week and family boxes work out to $40/week.





Vernon & Farm  Pick-up


Spring Share

(5 weeks)

Tuesday or Friday

May 2/5 – May 30/June 2

*limited shares available.


Medium box size only.

5 boxes

Summer Share

(19 weeks)

Tuesday or Friday

June 6/10 – Oct 10/13

three box options


Perfect for small families, couples, or single eaters who like plenty of veggies.



A must for serious veggie eaters or larger families.




  • FLEX-10

10 basic-sized boxes throughout the season. Perfect for the out-of-town-worker, vacationer
or light veggie eater.


Autumn Share

(4 Extra-large boxes)

Bi-weekly, Tuesday & Friday

Oct 17/20 – Nov 28/Dec 1


Extra Large box size only.

4 boxes

Want to sign-up?

Go to the bottom of the page


Payment Options:

*Having the money upfront really helps us, the farmers, with all the pre-season expenses such as seeds, machinery, employees, etc. Your commitment for the season helps us be more efficient with growing.

*You can pay in full,

OR in three instalments ($15 admin fee) for summer share only.

*Payment options include: Email transfer to [email protected] (preferred), Cheque (made out to Daniel or Kathryn Saxton), or Cash (arrange to bring to the farm).

Great options for 2023…


HOLD-it!  Each member has up to TWO holds for the season, this is available for the summer season ONLY.  So if you’re going to be out of town, you put your box on hold and redeem credit another week.  

Referral Program!

Tell a friend what you love about our farm’s CSA! When they sign-up we’ll give you both $20 in farm credit to say thanks for spreading the word!

Three Seasons:

Our CSA is flexible with more options for you!   You can choose to be a part of our CSA for one, two or all three seasons.  Our spring CSA has limited shares available.   Sign-up for all three seasons right off the bat and we’ll enter your name into a draw to win a sweet prize!


We offer extras for sale each week so you can have more of what you love.  Along with our own produce we are happy to supply awesome products like fresh bread, dairy, eggs, coffee, and honey from local businesses we love!

This year we are excited to be partnering with Local Line for streamlined customer management!  

Dates for CSA 2023:

Spring: Tuesdays or Fridays:

May 2/5 – May 30/June 2

Summer:  Tuesdays or Fridays:

June 6/10 – Oct 10/13

Autumn:  Tuesdays or Fridays:

Oct 17/20 – Nov 28/Dec 1  (Bi-Weekly)

8 Awesome Reasons to Join Our CSA!

  1. Get to know your farmers, ask questions and get connected with your food.
  2. Commit to eating healthy, locally, organically, seasonally. You will feel better!
  3. Trust us; Pilgrims’ has been farming in the community for 30+ years!!  It’s tried and true!
  4. Read our weekly newsletter to keep in the loop on farm happenings, what’s in the box, great recipes and pictures.
  5. Treat your tastebuds! The produce is flavour packed and nutrient dense; everything is harvested fresh!
  6. Enrich the community and local economy by supporting local farmers.
  7. Reduce your food miles and contribute to regional food security.
  8. Visit the farm and see where your food grows! We offer farm tours and host events throughout the season exclusive to our CSA members.

Terms & Conditions

Please read through the TERMS & CONDITIONS below. You will find important info inclosed. By sending Pilgrims’ Produce money for your CSA share, we will assume that you have read through, and agree with the following terms and conditions.

CSA Member Commitments & Responsibilities: 

As a CSA member you are responsible for:

  • Picking up your share at the time and location you chose on your sign up form.
  • Paying the farm on time.  Only when we receive full/partial payment will your spot be secure in our CSA program.  
  • Reading your CSA newsletter; this is the farm’s main method of communication.
  • Understanding that there are risks involved in farming.  Due to weather-related issues, the quality or quantity of the items in your box may be affected.   Also, understand that at times there may be minor blemishes or even insect damage to your food — nothing major.  We strive to provide you with excellent quality produce! 


Farmers’ Commitments & Responsibilities: 

As the farmers of Pilgrims’ Produce we are responsible for:

  • Having the shares ready at the time and location agreed upon at sign-up.
  • Providing members with fresh, quality produce, all grown on our farm.  If we should ever need to source produce elsewhere due to a major crisis or crop failure (e.g., hail ruins the strawberry crop), we will clearly communicate that.  As a rule, ALL of the food in your box is grown on our farm, and everything is Certified Organic!  
  • Communicating important info via emails/newsletters to members throughout the season.  Please add [email protected] to your contact list and remember to check your junk/spam mail; the newsletters (created in MailChimp) tend to go there.  


Cancellation & Refund Policy:

There is a non-refundable $100 deposit for all members.  This $100 deposit is included in the box price.

If a CSA member decides to cancel their membership before the first pickup date, they will receive a full refund, minus the non-refundable $100 deposit fee. 

Once the season has begun, if a CSA member decides to cancel their membership, we cannot give refunds unless there is someone on the waitlist who is willing to take over the “share”.  If someone is willing to take over the share, the original member will receive a refund of the value for the remaining boxes left for the season, minus a cancellation/administration fee of $35. 



*Having the money upfront really helps us, the farmers, with all the pre-season expenses such as seeds, machinery, employees etc.  Having your commitment for the season helps us be more efficient with growing.


-Spring payment is due no later than: April 15, 2023. 


-Summer payment is due no later than:  May 15, 2023.

 *The payment plan option is for the summer CSA only and has a $15 admin fee.  You can make four equal payments throughout the summer following the payment schedule below:


1st installment: May 15, 2023

2nd installment: June 15, 2023

3rd installment: July 15, 2023

4th installment: August 15, 2023


-Autumn payment is due no later than: October 1, 2023.


*Payment options include: Email transfer to [email protected] (preferred), Cheque (Made out to Dan or Kathryn Saxton), or Cash (arrange to bring to the farm)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens if I will be away?

Going camping or working out of town?  No problem. You’ve got options. HOLD-it! Each member has up to TWO holds for the season.  You’ll get farm credit to redeem once you’re back in town.  

OR you can arrange for someone else to come fetch your CSA box.  

What if I forget my box?

Please notify us ASAP.  Please email Kat and arrange another time when you can get the box (for example, you could meet us at our Farmers’ Market booth or come out to the farm).  We must be notified if you would like us to save it for you. 

If no one comes for the box within a few days, we will donate it to the food bank.

What if I don’t like something in my box?

Did your mother ever make you eat all your veggies?!  Good. Part of the fun of a CSA is to learn to be more adventurous with eating, trying new items or learning new ways to prepare your less-favourite items.  We provide great recipe ideas each week, highlighting the less-well-known items and are here for you to support your along the way.

We also offer a SWAP box!  This is where you can trade for something you like better.

Do I get to choose what’s in my box?

No. This is a Farmer’s Choice CSA.  We grow a huge selection of produce and no two weeks will be the same.  Each week’s items are carefully chosen based on what is in season and when we last gave it to you. There may occasionally be repeated items from the previous week (gotta eat asparagus while the season lasts).  Have a look at some of our sample box photos to get an idea of what goes in the boxes. We aim to give you a salad option each week, as well as “snacky” lunch items and more filling items to feed your family.

You will receive staple items appearing more often, such as carrots, tomatoes or potatoes, while the more unusual items will be less often.  Herbs and nuts are a fun addition to some week’s boxes, but not a major component. We welcome your feedback on what you’d love to see more of, and less of, too.

What if I want more veggies or fruits?

Great!  We offer Add-Ons.   This is a great way to get more of your favourites while they last or to get extras for canning, dehydrating and freezing.   We have a great online ordering system to make Add-Ons easier for you!

Here’s what our CSA members said …

Our first CSA experience and we loved it! Looked forward to Tuesday nights every week!  Definitely appreciated the Sunday heads up of the week’s veggies.

We love Kat and Dan. And the delicious food. And the seasonality of it.

We just want to thank you so much for all the exceptional vegetables we received this summer.  We looked forward to each week’s surprises and loved everything!   Also enjoyed your weekly newsletter. See you next spring!

Your produce is always amazingly fresh, delicious and in good condition, you’re super organized and we love the ways you’ve expanded your offering.

CSA Sign-up!



Sign-up for the 2023 CSA season is now OPEN!!

Even though we’re well on our way through the summer season, you can still join in and get your share in the harvest (pro-rated)!

To order your CSA subscription, follow the link to our Local Line store. You’ll need to create an account and then you can select from our share options in the store.